Fender Custom Shop George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster Relic 2016

16875.00 $

Product Description

George Harrison and the Beatles have influenced more musicians, and fans alike, than any other musical group I can think of. A songwriter, singer, and influential guitarist, George Harrison was the complete package oozing charisma and looking cool. Fender Master Builder Paul Waller has had his hands on George’s original Rosewood Telecaster, and has meticulously re-created it. The first thing you will notice when you play the George Harrison Rosewood Tele is the neck shape, it feels fantastic and special, an inspiring instrument to say the least. Fender even went so far as to match the wood grain, to the best of their abilities, to George’s original Rosewood Tele. Fender Custom Shop took this recreation task very seriously, and it shows. Plugged in, this finely crafted Telecaster produces a tone as legendary as the man himself, I feel honored to have played it myself. With only 300 made for the entire world, the George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster is already highly collectable, grab yours today.

Comes with case.



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