5 Gift Ideas for Guitarists Under $99

Do you want to make the guitarist in your life happy this holiday season?

You don’t have to break the bank, and they’ll know how much you support their passion. We here at Musique Diplomate put our heads together, compared notes on what kinds of gifts they’d love to be surprised with, and put together this list of gift ideas. We are sure that there’s a gift on this list that is sure to please.

BOSS SD-1 Super OverDrive

Debuting in 1981, the Boss SD-1 is the second longest running Boss pedal and a pioneer in the world of compact overdrives. Even today, people still use it as an alternative to a Tube Screamer. Why pay $200 for a boutique overdrive when you can dial in the right amount of crunch and dirt for less than $70 with time-tested, original overdrive circuitry?

You know that awesome rock ‘n’ roll guitar tone you get when you crank a tube amp up to 11? Well, that is very much the focal point of the Boss beast known as SD-1. As the name indicates, this stompbox creates the sound you get when you kick overdrive into high gear.

It’s affordable and has all the features of standard Boss pedals, meaning sturdiness, reliability and quality tone.

Orange Micro Crush PiX CR3

The Orange CR3 Micro Crush Pix is the company’s tiniest offering of its practice amp line, offering an apartment-appropriate playing experience that retains the company’s signature tone. Coming in at a size small enough to fit on a desk, the 4″ speaker produces tones ranging from clean to searing thanks to a set of controls for tone, volume, and overdrive on this pint-sized powerhouse. A great piece of gear to have around when you want to noodle in your bedroom.

Practicing electric guitar through an amp may sound so much better than unplugged, but it’s not always practical—especially if you have a large and/or complex rig. Practice amps are a good way to go for portability, but even they can be a bit cumbersome to carry around in some situations.

That’s where micro amps come in handy.

A micro amp—or mini amp—as the name suggests, is a much smaller guitar amplifier than a regular or practice amp. Typically in the region of five inches across, micro amp’s will easily fit in a gig bag or stowed away in a car compartment.

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele
Daphne Blue

Fender designed the Venice Soprano Ukulele to capture a unique, enchanting vibe. Not that of the Italian canal city, but rather Venice Beach, California – known for being simultaneously laid back and full of life.

The Venice Soprano Ukulele’s compact, lightweight construction makes it the perfect travel companion. Take it to the beach, up a mountain, on a boat trip, down the winding side-streets of Los Angeles – the choice is yours. With a bright yet cotton-soft sound, it’s every bit the familiar Ukulele vibe you know and love.

Fender have also added a number of modern design appointments to the mix. A slim C-shape neck profile is comfy to hold, and the no-tie bridge makes changing strings super-easy. Top it off with a sleek bound top, Tele-style headstock and a lush satin finish all over, and you’ve got a Uke that stands out from the crowd!

Fender Festival Instrument Cable – Pure Hemp – Natural – 18.6 Ft.

For that environmentally conscious guitarist or bassist in your life, this cable is a must…

With Fender’s Festival instrument cable, you can provide a pop of color to your setup while still delivering awesome signal quality. These high-quality cables are made with eco-friendly materials that lend them a unique feel. At Diplomate Musique, we love the braided hemp exterior that resists fraying. The Festival cables feature custom-molded ends that resist long-term damage. Internally, Oxygen-free 20 AWG wire allows for crystal-clear audio transmission. Available in a range of colors and lengths, Fender’s Festival instrument cables add an extra touch of personality to the stage or studio.

Mooer Pure Boost

The Mooer Pure Boost is tiny pedal that’ll fit anywhere on your pedalboard and offer you a fantastic clean boost. The Pure boost offers up to 20dB of clean boost with around a 15dB 2 band EQ. With this pedal, you can not only boost your sound but round it out and shape it however you want. Durable, compact, and simple, the Mooer Pure Boost pedal will give you the volume and tone you want.

It offers a whopping 20dB of boost to your guitar amp! This is awesome for pushing the front end of your guitar amplifier over the edge and beyond.  If you’re not into a traditional Tubescreamer which can “color” the tone of the amp, then the Pure Boost might be what you’re looking for.  What makes us laugh is how MOOER have managed to make a bunch of great pedals at a great price while keeping the build quality and the quality of sound right up there.

Musicians love gear!

Don’t assume the guitarists in your life have all the gear they need, Musicians love music gear! The items we’ve listed above are just a few items that we’re sure will bring a smile to any guitarist’s face… And if you’re still not sure what to get them, please do not hesitate to Contact Us either by phone or email or even drop by in person if you can and it would be our pleasure to help you.

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