5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your First Guitar from a Guitar Shop

So you’re in the market for a beginner guitar. It might be for a child, loved one or friend, or you might be considering learning yourself. You can buy a musical instrument pretty much anywhere nowadays. The rise of online retail and the continued popularity of second hand sites has blown the market wide open, especially for beginner instruments. So why would you buy from a guitar shop?

Second hand & classified ad sites like eBay and Kijiji offer an ever-changing selection of items. Unwanted gifts, used and abused – you never really know what you’re buying into. Then there’s big online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy famed for selling an even cross-section of just about anything you can imagine. While the prices are attractive and the purchase process is straightforward, you still don’t really know what you’re going to get. So what’s the answer?

Here’s why we think you should buy your first guitar from a guitar shop:

  1. Large Selection 
  2. Quality Stock
  3. You get more for your money
  4. They’ll look after you & your instrument
  5. You’ll be part of the community

Large Selection

As we said, you can buy a guitar pretty much anywhere nowadays. But what about a guitar that you actually like? Buying your first guitar is an incredibly important step in your musical journey (to state the obvious), so you want to make it count. When you buy from a guitar shop like Musique Diplomate, you’re presented with a huge amount of choice that’s tailored specifically for musicians. You can get a better idea of what look you like, what suits your style or playing ability – and if you’re able to actually pay a visit to our store, you can actually feel & listen to the guitar too! If not No Worries you can call us, email us or Even use our Facebook Messenger chat to speak to someone from our store to discuss what you need.  This will help you make a more informed choice that’s right for you. There’s nothing quite like being able to reach out to someone about your instrument before you buy!

Quality Stock

Further to our point about choice, you not only have more to choose from – the quality is higher. Music shops are not going to stock cheap guitars because they’re cheap. Their guitars and instruments will simply have to be of a certain quality to be in stock in the first place. This simply means that you can’t go wrong when looking for the best beginner guitar. Rather than buy into unknown brands or copies, you’re getting the real deal. Reputable music shops stock some of the best brands in the business, including Squier, Ibanez, Epiphone and many more. These brands go well beyond entry level instruments, so you know that you can trust them!

You get more for your money

We all love a bargain. And while you may save a couple of dollars when buying from larger retailers, you get what you pay for. Spend the same amount, or perhaps a little extra, in a guitar shop, and you won’t regret it. Expert advice, more choice – buying from a guitar shop isn’t just easy, it’s supposed to be a fun experience too! And as we mentioned earlier, whatever you do spend will be spent wisely; you’re only buying trusted gear recommended by other musicians who actually use it. You can’t go wrong with that.

They’ll look after you & your instrument

Buying from a guitar shop is a personal, enjoyable experience that you’ll remember. Your business is valued; because of this, you’ll always be looked after. Whether you pay a visit to the shop itself or shop with them online, both you and your instrument are taken care of at every step.

You can ask for personal advice and recommendations. And let’s say you decide to purchase – it doesn’t end there. Your instrument will be sold to you in tested and working condition, whether it’s a guitar or a bass. We’ll even give you advice on setting it up. You can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Afterwards, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you can simply pop in or call with any questions you may have. What strings sound best for your style? What pedals do you recommend to sound like your favorite artist? At Musique Diplomate we have a knowledgeable friendly staff on-hand to deal with any enquiries. Unlike some big box stores who’s staff doesn’t even know the difference between a guitar and a bass or even where to begin to change a string.

You’ll be part of the community

For many musicians, beginner or veteran, learning an instrument is more than just a hobby. It sounds cliché, but it’s a way of life. When you decide to pick up a new instrument, you become part of a community; and when you buy from a guitar shop such as Musique Diplomate, you get a warm welcome. It sounds sappy, but as a family-run business for over 50 years, it’s how we do things at Musique Diplomate. This means everything from experienced advice on choosing a guitar, bass or even a ukulele, to an insight into what’s to come in the music instrument industry. Helpful guides and articles (hopefully like this one!) and more. You’re part of the family now!


Some people consider second-hand instruments to be viable choices for beginners. The main draw is the price, where the likelihood of grabbing a bargain is high with sites such as Ebay and Kijiji so popular these days. However, although finding a gem is possible, most of the time second-hand starter instruments will be lemons. Whether they’ve been left banished in damp closets for years, or simply mistreated by rebellious teenagers, there’s always an element of risk when it comes to buying second-hand gear – especially more affordable instruments. As most beginner instruments are constructed from cheaper materials to keep their costs low, they can be more susceptible to wear and tear.

At Musique Diplomate we believe that buying a guitar should ALWAYS be a positive experience and we also believe that after 50 years in the business, We know how to provide you with just that. We’d love to help you. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us,  YOU CAN EVEN CHAT WITH US USING FACEBOOK MESSENGER ON OUR SITE and it would be our pleasure to chat with you.

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