Harmonies of the Heart: A Trio of Cherished Guitars at Musique Diplomate

Unveiling the Melodic Bonds That Define My Favorite Guitars

Asking me to pick my favourite guitar in the store is as impossible as choosing my favourite child. Each one is unique and well loved for different reasons. Since I am being FORCED to select my favourite, I will choose 3 because I just can’t do it

My favourite guitar to hear someone play in the store:

Any solid body Gretsch

There is a certain colourful sound that comes from a solid body Gretsch guitar that is extremely pleasing to my ears. When a guitarist is in the store, testing out a Gretsch, I easily understand the legacy behind ‘The Great Gretsch Sound’. I’ve also selected a Gretsh because I believe the colour offerings provided are second to none. With colours such as Midnight Sapphire, Burnt Orchid or Steel Olive, their colours are deep, rich and worthy of their own gallery. The colour of the guitar pictured here is ‘Champagne Sparkle’ and I like both champagne and some sparkle.

My favourite Electric Guitar that my colleague Martin plays:

Gibson Custom Shop 1954 Les Paul Goldtop VOS

Although the guitar in the picture isn’t the same Les Paul as Martin’s, I will never forget the moment I first saw Martin in concert and got to witness the magic that can be made with a Custom Shop Les Paul. It was as if the music he was creating could be heard all throughout Little Italy with a precise beauty that resonated with each note.

I just finished watching Daisy Jones & The Six and I find it pretty badass that the moment the band was getting famous and as soon as the band became a bunch of rockstars, the guitarist moved from his starter guitar to a Les Paul. I feel as if owning your own Les Paul denotes a certain type of personal accomplishment, and for that reason, along with many others, it belongs amongst my favourites.

My favourite guitar that I enjoy playing:

Godin Etude (or Concert)

When it is a slow, rainy day in the store, you can almost always find me at least once in the Classical section with a Godin in my hands. Having studied classical guitar when I was young, I find the sound of fingers on nylon strings to be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I love playing this guitar because I know the pride that comes from Godin having manufactured it. Made right here in this incredible province of Quebec, every square inch of their guitars have been inspected with a tradition of love, respect and honour for the guitarist who will be playing it in our store, considering the purchase or by the lucky person who will call it theirs and bring it home.

Appreciating the technical craftsmanship and the profound emotional connection

In wrapping up this personal journey, I must say that choosing my favorite guitar at Musique Diplomate has been no small feat. The array of options, each with its own unique charm, has made this decision a truly challenging one. Through this process, I’ve come to appreciate not only the technical craftsmanship behind each instrument, but also the profound emotional connection that musicians share with their guitars. It’s a reminder that the perfect guitar isn’t just about specs; it’s about the feelings it stirs and the stories it helps convey. My experience here has underscored the passion and commitment that infuse every corner of Musique Diplomate, ensuring that every musician can discover their ideal match amidst this treasure trove of musical brilliance.

Natalie Mancini
E-commerce store manager

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