Musique Diplomate has a new Guitar Repair Tech

Musique Diplomate is Proud to announce we have a new Guitar Repair Tech

Musique Diplomate is thrilled to announce the hiring of Stéphanie Léveillé-Denis our new guitar repair technician.

Here’s a little more about Stephanie:

When Stéphanie received her first guitar at the age of 13, she didn’t know that she would end up working on guitars a few years later. Stéphanie was always keen on guitar, but after a number of years in the fashion business she decided it was time to change direction and follow her passion. Stéphanie began to ply her trade as a luthier all over the greater Montreal area. Today with over 20 years of experience in this domain, Stéphanie specializes in repair, maintenance, modification and restoration of guitars and basses both modern and vintage gear.

Her passion for modern and vintage guitars is palpable and contagious and it is with great care and pleasure that she can repair your beloved instrument.

Come by our store Mondays & Tuesdays to get your guitars serviced.