Product Suggestions

Our new website is still relatively recent ( launched in late November )  and while we’ve been adding products for the last few months, We still have a very long way to go to reflect what we have in store.

In light of recent worldwide events you may not be able to come to us but we are hoping to come to you. Therefore we want to offer you a shopping alternative that will allow you to buy the products you need without leaving your home. We are hoping to facilitate your shopping experience by asking you the client for your input.

If you need an item that you don’t see on our website, We invite to please let us know by using the contact form below and we’ll add it to our website as soon as possible. We will then contact you by email with a link to the product on the website when it is entered. 

Together with our team, we are working hard to offer the best service to our customers in all communities, and we thank you for your continued trust.

Our new website has just gone live

If you don't find a product please let us know
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