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We are an authorized Fender Pro Amp Center.

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We are an authorized Fender, Gretsch, Jackson service center.
Fender Pro Amp Center
Fender Custom Shop

The Only Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealer in Montreal

A Fender Custom Shop instrument is extraordinary. You know it when you play one—it’s definitely more than the sum of its parts. It’s filled with intangible, electrifying elements that add a new dimension to your playing experience. It’s as if the instrument itself is imbued with history, alive with the spirit of the place where it was built and the devotion of those who crafted it.

Fender Custom Shop Guitar


Since 1987, the Fender Custom Shop has been a “dream factory,” producing guitars that are to playing what Ferrari’s are to driving. The distinctive vintage sound of these iconic instruments is undeniable, and so is the Custom Shop’s skill at building modern reconstructions faithful to their golden age designs.


With premium high-end components like no other amplifier series, your Fender Custom amp is designed and diligently crafted to be anything you want it to be.

Fender Bass Guitar


There are dozens upon dozens of electric basses out there, but there’s only one Fender Custom Shop. When you own one of these vintage-styled bass guitars, you’re not only playing a great-sounding instrument, you’re tapping, slapping, picking and strumming a piece of music history.

Custom Care

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation guarantees that your Custom Shop instrument will be expertly crafted according to your specifications and will arrive free of defects. If not, we’ll repair, modify or replace the instrument at no charge to you.

Fender Custom Shop guitar